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Infographic: The true value of productivity in consulting

Amongst a contracting and shifting market, consulting firms are realizing the value of digitization to drive productivity and enhance the customer experience. Those early to adopt to this new world of work have been able to successfully build an agile foundation against the mounting pressures as clients continue to demand more value for less.

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View the infographic for insights on how consulting firms are prioritizing productivity while delivering enhanced client outcomes.

The biggest change overall since implementing Templafy is an increased feeling of control over the documents and presentations used throughout Ramboll. It has become very easy for employees to use the most up-to-date slides and presentation layouts. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from users that Templafy saves them a lot of time, and the branding team can be more certain that content coming from Ramboll is in line with our brand guidelines.

Roos Nederveen
Senior Consultant, Corporate Branding, Ramboll

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