ROI of Templafy according to Forrester

On-demand webinar

Listen to Forrester TEI Consultant Julia Fadzeyeva and Templafy -Co-founder Christian Lund talk about how to increase productivity savings organization-wide.

This webinar is relevant for people who work at a global firm where employees create documents, presentations or emails as part of their daily work, and professionalism and consistency of content is business critical for your organization.


  • Templafy background from CPO and Co-founder Christian Lund-
  • Framework to evaluate the financial impact of Templafy based on interviews with existing Templafy customers.
  •  Explanation from Forrester on how they uncovered a ROI of 1239%.
  • How your organization can accelerate productivity across:
    - Document workflows
    - Reviewing complex content
    - Risk management approvals
    - Brand audit insights
    - Brand update processes