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Advantages of Templafy's Email Signature Manager at a glance

  • Addresses compliance issues in brand design and legal disclaimers. 
  • User-friendly email campaign tool that marketing can control.
  • Easy-to-manage multiple signatures for individual users. 
  • Secure: no rerouting of emails outside company servers. 
  • IT department benefits: Active Directory independent; Simple roll-out and administration do not need IT resources. 

Templafy's Emails Signature Manager is designed to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. Contact us today to find out more.  

Introduction to Email Signature Manager

Watch the short video on the right to listen to Brittany give an introduction to Templafy's email signature.

She explains some of the options you'll have to manage your email signatures across your organization.  She shows you how to manage email signatures across different departments and for various marketing campaigns.